I looked outside and noticed that the clouds had covered the sky. The waiter ,not the manager, the waiter had come back by then on his job, he cleaned the table and asked me if I would like to have some more coffee or tea. Since the conversation had created a beautiful vision in my mind, I wanted to enjoy along with some Ice tea. She wondered as she knew I didn’t like the cold beverages but the weather of July before Lughnasadh was a torture to the soul.

“so as I was telling”, she spoke, “the days of darkness had returned after the Mabon of year 2014 and I would often come for a walk to this road,that you see outside. Back then, It wasn’t much developed. This little shop was visited by very few regular customers. I had been searching for a place where I could invite people who wanted to know and learn about Witchcraft, though most of them wanted psychic readings and the words of comfort, the university students mostly troubled by their love lives, funnily, their love lives with many participants, only the partners changed every month, but the problems would remain same.”, She said.

I laughed and picked up the glass of ice tea that the waiter had brought.

She continued… “This place had unique elegance and ambiance, It reminded me of the era when the British ruled over India, Not that, that I had witnessed it with the same body, I am talking about my previous lives. I still feel that and often wonder if the part of my soul is still lingering in those times.As I entered into this beautiful dimension first time in this life I noticed that it had very little connection with the outside world, It was like a portal to some parallel universe. After entering the cafe, one could not hear the voices of the birds on the other side of the door. The time would pass very quickly in this dimension back then, But now, everything has changed, The portal has been disturbed perhaps lost its potential. It has lost its power, not completely, but the traces will remain here forever. There were few students playing the cue games, the chairs were empty and the tables were clean. I sat on a chair placed in front of a big billiard table in such a perfect way that I could see outside through the glass doors of the cafe,also, there,on the front wall a big white clock that had been never cleaned, the clock showed the wrong time, it added ten minutes extra, not that I would align myself to the time”.

“are you talking about that clock , the one behind you?I asked and pointed towards the clock.She looked back,smiled and said,”oh yes!, funnily, the years have passed, but this clock still shows the wrong time. but do you know what?It teaches us a great philosophy, In fact a Wiccan philosophy.”she said.

“and that is?”I asked.

“The philosophy of cycles”,she said,”Like the spiral, like the merry go round, like this clock, the time itself, the seasons and ultimately the whole universe. everything that has been bound to the time, ends, Our body, it comes with a time, we call it lifespan, but not the soul.It’s ageless, It’s time less. It’s there forever, the nothingness, it’s eternal and similarly on some lower physical level these particular algorithms occur,the forces of nature meet,merge into each other and create a reality. “

“This indeed is a beautiful philosophy but I don’t understand what you are trying to say,how does it connect to the story that you have been telling me”,I asked.

“You don’t understand?who else would be a better listener than you, of this story?”she asked,”for you know better than me about the mysteries of the universe, about the games of the nature, the tricks of the Gods and the shadows, for we are not different but parts of the same source,perhaps the same body in this case, with different perspectives, speaking to each other from different realms. For you are the wisdom and I being the “understanding”, You being the male of “Kether’, and I the feminine side,”,she said.

I smiled and said, “let’s not reveal the mysteries to these chairs and the walls, and continue the story”.

She looked at the bulb above the billiard table behind me and said,” (continuing the story of year 2014),I sat on this chair where you are sitting now,well actually, the place of the chair , facing the doors,not the chair because these are not the same chairs.I had invited few university students who wanted the know about the Wiccan magick,perhaps wished to see the magick for entertainment.They came after few minutes after my arrival. It was a beautiful session going on when he entered.

to be continued….


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

2 thoughts on “Endless~4

  1. The first words that scream in my mind as I read this are “Oh no… not again”!
    And then I go back and read once more…this time reflecting each word in the mind’s eye and hearing it echo in my mental space… and a smile peeps in the corner of my lips. I am piqued and would be waiting for more..

  2. This story, is literally takes me on the trip of everything you describe. You are not only wonderful writer but a wonderful experience maker as well. The way she is talking to you through timeline…! Aah… It is amazing..! That cafe, that table and that chair… And the magickal journey you have explained… So beautiful. Keep writing.
    So many blessings to you..!

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