It’s the season of Ostara in the northern hemisphere of this planet. We are witnessing the shift from spring to summers. They say that the spring brings out the true essence of every living entity. Ostara days are very hot but the nights and the mornings are warm. As we move into the Bealtaine (Beltane), the intensity of light increases as the sun moves higher in the skies.

In the Garden of Bewitched Cauldron, there are massive bunches of rose. There are all shades and tints of red, pink and yellow.

I remember, I watched a movie, a very old one, “Practical magic”. In that movie a little witch tries to cast a spell using the rose petals of different colours. Her garden was full of roses, It was then when I wished to have a garden full of roses. I planted and planted different varieties of rose.

There are colours all around in the garden. But for the creatures likes me, It’s the darkness that allows me to see the colours in their true form. I see diversity without the deviation from its true nature. I see all the colours, not just those that we are taught to see but also those that are seen as taboo. I see the diversity without judgement.

Have you ever heard about the Dark matter? The astrophysicists say that the emptiness in the space is not actually empty but is filled with darkness that forms 68 percent of universe and 27 percent is the “the dark matter”they choose to call it.The celestial bodies are just the 5 percent.

Do I completely agree with this theory?

Perhaps, I would hesitate to completely agree with what the “science” has to say about universe. But I am sure that the darkness in all its forms is not easy to understand , interpret and to experiment with. The scientists must have been intrigued when they first studied it. They say, the dark matter can reveal many secrets of the beginning and the end of this universe. They study the effects of dark matter on other entities, It’s because they have never been successful to record the darkness in its true form.

Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind said,”Classical music exists in a dimension impenetrable to human beings, so we may never fully comprehend it. “

Is it the Dimension of darkness that the ancients talked about? Is it the unknown entity which is explained in the Ancient texts?

I have known the darkness a little for I have been touched by it. All the true witches are touched. When it touches you, It becomes “you” and you become the dark one. Then it , no longer, remains another entity. The Darkness vibrates eternally in every dimension and in every world. The darkness takes over your consciousness and allows you to see what the world did not let you embrace and see. I ofter wonder if the “Wicca” is same as the darkness. It’s the darkness that rules over sphinx in the “wheel of fortune “Card and that’s the reason why they choose to come out of that endless cycle.

The ancients have always believed that the only truth is “Darkness”. Only the darkness is real in all its forms, the only true being, the entity and the space. That what you see around has been emerged from the Darkness. It’s the “Kether”, the foundation and the crown of all beings. It’s uncertain, unpredictable and unknown.

Why black?

Black is the resemblance of darkness and the shadows are the reflections of darkness.

Black is not a color, It’s the absence of all the colors. The Witches have always kept themselves away from the little shenanigans of inclusions and exclusions of human race, they have chosen to not to be the part of their political dramas, the trends, the religions, moralities and their little reasons of happiness and sufferings. Hence they choose to wear the tag of “the dark ones”.

Black for me is the “remembrance “ of my true self. It completes me and hence I chose black as only one shade to surround me.

On this black Canvas, I allow the colors to create a masterpiece.

The Sun is in Aries, the New moon was in Aries, and the Venus is in Aries along with Chiron and mercury. It’s an occasion when one can find the motive, find oneself and the one’s true colour.

Blessings to you.

~Happy Ostara season.


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

One thought on “Darkness

  1. It’s the way you weave patterns into your words to create a scheme that makes the message so convincing and yet mystical. I might not completely assimilate all that you say but the darkness is my calm, my home and instead of unsettling, it comforts me. Hence I would love to hear more from you as no matter how elusive this might seem… it is undoubtedly worth the effort!

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