A new land

To be a natural psychic is to live in many dimensions, to be aware of many realms in the same moment, and to experience chaos and silence in all the dimensions. One has no choice. It’s a blessing when one goes to places where one can feel blissfulness. I remember the rejuvenating energies of the Himalayas. The breeze of the Himalayas reminds one of one’s true self, one’s true purpose, one’s true destiny, and the transcendental tranquility. I have always lived very close to the Himalayas. I would often meditate by looking at the Himalayas and feeling the breeze coming from the Himalayas. I believe that the air and the wind coming from certain places carry the messages of those realms. We can decode those messages if we have the gift of nature within us.

In Manas, Goswami Tulsidas writes:

Tribidh Sameer Susital Chhaya |

Shiv bishraam bitap shruti gaaya ||

Parvati is witnessing this beautiful happening; Shiva is Listening to the mystical sounds made by the leaves of the tree under which He is sitting. These sounds that are being produced have a meaning, a message, transcendental philosophy. The breeze coming from Mount Kailash makes the trees sing the mystical story of endless “nothingness”.

During the time of Mabon, (September 21 to October 31), One can experience “tribidh Sameer” (the winds coming from three directions) in North India. These winds carry transcendental messages and if one meditates and contemplates while experiencing those winds, one can become aware of that mystical knowledge. We can gain information from the internet but not transcendental philosophy, because this transcendental philosophy cannot be known or understood by the mind because the mind will create its own meanings based on the previously accumulated knowledge. This philosophy of endless mysticism can only be experienced at that moment. It cannot be said, it cannot be written; It can only be manifested in the form of Movements(dance) or music.

I do not experience those winds ever since I have come to this new land, Canada. To be honest, I experience Chaos in all dimensions of this space. I experience lifelessness. I experience no wisdom. The collective consciousness and the energies in the breeze are so lifeless that I do not see nature manifesting itself. No one seems happy here, everyone seems to be running, running for no reason, running for nothing. The matrix of Corporate is very strong here. Everyone is completely dependent on the corporate. Nature’s “magick” is very weak here. I remember communicating with the nature spirits when I was traveling in the Himalayas in the year 2019. It was the time of Yule (December) in 2019, I was sitting in a café in Macleodganj. It was early morning. Most of the shops were not open. I could smell the aroma of Tibetan bread. I was sitting all alone. I had come to MacleodGanj to remind myself of my path, my true being. While I was looking at Buddhist monks walking on the road with rosaries in hand, chanting the mantra “om mani Padme hum”, I could see the mist taking different shapes around them. I could feel the “existence” trying to communicate with me.  I was so lost in this beautiful phenomenon that I had forgotten to keep the track of time. In the state of tranquility, I felt the presence of nature spirits around me. I could feel the energy points of my body.

I believe, the space on the piece of land where you live and spend your life greatly influences your spiritual journey. Reminds me of a context from Mahabharata, after almost 100 years, the Gopis including Radha come to see Krishna in Kurukshetra. After their meeting, One Gopi asks Radha if this meeting made her feel the same ecstasy. She says “It can never be the same because there is no river Kalindi around us, this is not the land of Vrindavan, this is Kurukshetra. I can still hear the screams of those who died here fighting. The soil is drenched with blood. How can this union be the same? Krishna asks Radha to come to Dwarka, but she refuses. She says, the land of Vrindavan, the trees, the birds, the Gopis, and the river Yamuna, are waiting for her return. 

To experience the mystical bliss, there must be a Union (Sangam). The union of Space (land), the nature around, and one’s tranquility to experience.

Canada’s Land has witnessed injustice, bloodshed, and cruelty of Corporate. I wonder if this land has been cursed by the Shamans, the natives who once ruled over this place. Those who have always lived here and were born here are unaware of the mysticism of this universe. Will I stay here forever? I wonder. I have stopped making choices. I have realized over time; my choices often interfere with Universe’s plans for me. Ever Since I have come here, I believe, the spirit has left my body. One can force oneself to do anything, but the spirit has its own will. It chooses to stay where it experiences bliss. It chooses to stay where it receives transcendental knowledge, where it receives the sounds of Kether. Could that be the reason why my body is not willing to dance? The spirit leaves the body when one is not living one’s own story. The spirit has the wisdom to understand our story. the spirit makes us feel the art, music and dance. The spirit makes us feel our passion.

Downtown Toronto

My Spirit has chosen to live in the dimension where there is an eternal flow of Wiccan sessions, the mystical story.  

In Manas, Shiv explains that there is a dimension where there is an endless flow of mystical sessions.

Uttar Disi Sundar giri neela |

Jaha rah kaagbhusundi suseela ||

Towards the North, there is a blue mountain, where lives Kaagbhusundi, reciting the mystical story of this universe. We all are part of our mystical story; we are here to experience it as a spectator. Our choices often interfere with these stories and hence we struggle. We end up being stuck in the loops from where we cannot come out. We evolve when we experience our own story, the story that has always been free from the influence of others.  I will wait for my spirit to return. I will wait for the mist that has always brought back my Wiccan strength.


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