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Bewitched Cauldron is not just a coven, It’s a perspective, a mindset and a philosophy.


“Not in the Fear but with Love I rise high my chalice of wine towards Devil to let him taste my love”


We are honored that you have found your way to our door to the magickal Realms. Please come  in and have a cup of freshly brewed tea from the  cauldron.


Bewitched cauldron is a coven as well as a wiccan organisation headed by Rev.Puneet Witched Felis (High Priest). Bewitched Cauldron inspires the seekers of truth to get to know themselves in a deeper spiritually- satisfying way. This coven is basis for learning and practicing witchcraft. 

Views and opinions are openly discussed and knowledge is shared for understanding and accepting each other’s opinions.  Active classes are held from time to time for the learners.

Rev.Puneet allows one to learn esoteric knowledge 


which has now faded with the time. The knowledge which was known only to secret Cults and was kept hidden in the scriptures,Puneet helps his students to understand and

 decode it.

Rev.Puneet talks about the paranormal cases from his files and allows his students to learn about the spirits,demons and the entities from other dimensions.



Bewitched means, to be aware of what we are and exploring the Hidden powers within by diving into the world of self. Bewitched is a Path and way of living the life to its fullest.

It is a diary of a witch and an open book of Shadows for all those who are on the path of Magickal awareness. Bewitched doesn’t Promote any  Religion, but respect every religion.

Bewitched cauldron makes one realize the importance of one’s existence. It allows one to celebrate the present moment. It shows one the path to which one belongs.

It is the interaction with the truth of higher self and asking inner  self to setup a well managed orchestra of thoughts.When every thought within is positive and complete like the octaves of musical notes, then the inner system works efficiently with the soothing energies of love, satisfaction, Peace and Harmony but no attachment.

Liberation gives us relaxation. The more there are the Strings of desires and  temptations for something which is an illusion, the more is the pain and grief. Bewitched allows you to realize the realities and choose that which is eternal.


Let’s realize the inner self,become more aware and connect with the endless universe within to manifest the positive and Banish the unwanted.

Bewitched is not only a Blog but the “Book of Shadows”  by Wiccan Puneet. This is not a secret book but open for all who wish to open the doors of within to make connections with the Universe.

Blessed be )0(

3 thoughts on “|| Bewitched Cauldron ||

  1. Hi Puneet. Thanks for following Inspiring Evolution. Feels great to connect with you virtually. I am a strong believer in the power of energies. All the best and Stay connected!!

  2. Hi, puneet! it’s awesome to know that India has such people. Thanks for sharing all and making my head clear that it is not a taboo and also I can feel positive & negative energies around me. Also there are certain signs I get through when the things aren’t good for me.

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