We have heard about  witches and warlocks from our grandmothers, read  in fairy tales and seen them in the movies but If you think that those witches and wizards were just imaginary creature then you must stir your mind and give it another thought.

I am Rev.Puneet, Author, a Wiccan  and a Clairvoyant psychic. I have been reading tarot cards for 12 years.

Wicca  is a neo pagan perspective . Paganism or Witchcraft is the oldest way of living. It’s the oldest path which, I believe, doesn’t bind you, rather, it lets you spread your wings and live as you wish to live.

When I was about 5 years old, I could see the upcoming events and happenings, I could see those personalities who had left this world long ago but still they had got stuck in the eternity.

Am I the creature belonging to many dimensions? I wonder.

I call myself a witch ,In wicca This term is not only used for females but also for men and this is because the word witch means ‘the wise one’ and  I believe that we all have wisdom within us, It is the element of soul irrespective of one’s gender, age and sex. Witchcraft is not just about casting spells, making potions or charms. It is an ancient  art of realizing the life within and around, becoming mindful and aware.

It is a way of living. It begins accepting your flaws, accepting your existence as you have been gifted by nature. Witches believe and have strong faith within that the nature has its own flow, it has its own movement and once we have aligned ourselves with that flow then we can bring out the changes at all levels, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Witchcraft is the craft of wise, It teaches us to life a celebration, death as a shift from one dimension to another and  birth as a continuation of the previous journey.

In my journey I have been to different cities, small villages, hills and mountains Industrial buildings and hospitals for the psychic investigations. I have had enough experiences to make myself realize the truth that there exists life after death. All those promises which we make and all those expectations, victories and pain are burnt with flesh and bones after the body has lived enough, but what about the spirit?

The consciousness which stays back to make its presence known to all. Dr.Raymond Moody in books have written about the journey of people those who have  come back from death. The book of death written by Tibetan Magicians and monks has explained about the life after death. I have read all about the life after death but being a sceptic I believe in what I experience and allow my soul to analyze its truth.

Knowledge is all around us, one must have passion to grasp it but Wisdom comes to you naturally. It’s a gift of universe. It gives you the divine knowledge and allows you to understand truth of life. Witches are not made, They are born as witches. One can realize one’s reality in later phases of life. Witches are gifted with the talents of fortune reading, communicating with nature and spirits. I live my own truth for I know what is an illusion and what is the reality. To be a witch is to be a learner, a teacher and a healer. I have learnt different divination techniques to connect with universe and the planets to make the predictions or to see the hidden mysteries.

I have the expertise in Tarot card reading, Crystal ball gazing, Numerology, Rune casting, chakra healing, wiccan spells, scrying, pendulum dowsing and making potions and healing teas.

I have received awards in tarot card readings and Crystal ball gazing. I conduct workshops on tarot, candle magick and tea leaf reading.

Life is all about dancing in the present moment, accepting whatever comes your way and creating a possibility for something that seems impossible. I believe if we all become aware of our divinity which is within all of us then we can make the best use of our existence. True magick (in wicca it is written as “magick” , not magic) is neither black or white,it is neither evil nor good. It is somewhere in between, Buddhism  believes in the concept of “madhya marg”,which is all about being in a balanced state by keeping all the emotions,pleasures and desires in balanced state. At the end I would like to say that this universe has no end, the scientists say that it still expands, this life has no end, your mind has no end ,everything is moving in a cycle which repeats itself so do not stay at one place, with one thought, one person and one situation. Stimulate your mind, disturb it to get answers, Develop passion for that is the true essence of life. Live more if you are alive.

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  1. Very true Bhaia.. I am very Happy for you and to have a brother like you..Who help me and all when we need help and guidance..Blessed Be Bhaia May you grow and gain more knowledge.. 🙂

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