Beyond the illusion

These are the beautiful days of yule, We also call it the Midwinter. It is the hope of the return of light. But, Here in Canada, the winters are yet to begin. The light returns here after Ostara. It’s not new to know or ponder for a witch like me that My body and mind have always been aligned with the seasons and light. In India, The seasons followed the timing of Celtic festivals. Especially in the Upper Himalayan regions, One could easily experience the mystical phenomenon and bewitchingly strange pattern of light, temperature, and manifestation of nature in plants. I am writing a post here after almost a year. When I return to this website, I return to my own little world. It’s the “bewitched Cauldron” that reminds me of who I am, the treasures of magick within me. Bewitched Cauldron is not just a school or a coven, It’s a dimension that I experience in my psychic visions and try to bring into this world. Back in India, the beautiful Garden of my home was a live example of this process. If you are new to these blogs, you must read the blogs that I had written in the year 2020, you will understand the magickal process that I am talking about. Yule reminds us of the importance of Ritual. The ritual of observing, Listening, and participating in the mystical happenings; Something that’s beyond the little issues of this world, something that reminds us of the greater dimensions that once we experienced in the Wiccan sessions. The ritual could be as simple, as brewing a cup of tea. I am aware in Witchcraft, brewing a cup of tea is an art. Especially in the tradition of Bewitched Cauldron, We brew Yogini tea, The recipe for this keeps changing, but the essence remains the same. In the tradition of Bewitched Cauldron, rituals are considered to be the most important part of the celebration. These very ancient yet very simple rituals align us with our core, with the eternal consciousness of this existence. 

संकर सहज सरूप संहारा 

लागि समाधी अखंड अपरा

In the Tradition of “Bewitched Cauldron” Coven, We are always communicating with the eternal consciousness of this existence. We all have experienced the presence of this conscious spirit that takes different forms and makes us realize the knowledge of different worlds and dimensions. I remember very well, In the year 2016, we were discussing how Witches and Wiccans do not age as quickly as others. I had shared a few of the ancient secrets with my students and seekers sitting around the round tables of the café. These secrets that we have received are not from the books of scientists with citations and references. These are the secrets shared with only the transformed beings. It’s funny, how everyone in this world is running after putting their names after their research to satisfy their fragile egos. Does knowledge belong to one? True Knowledge manifests itself in the minds free from egos. It manifests in many forms. If one believes that one has discovered or invented something from one’s knowledge, that is unique. One must think twice before claiming it. The same knowledge or idea, existed in many other places, in many different minds. I remember when I was in university doing a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, my professor shared an experience. It took 5 years for him to inject a Gene into a Plant, later he found that mutated Gene in the other plant that was placed in the lab. He realized that the technology he developed after five years of his effort already existed in some insects. Can one be more intelligent than nature? Nature is always one step ahead. When one aligns oneself with nature, One can communicate with Nature and the eternal consciousness of this existence.

In the Coven Studies, We have been learning about “ Moksh”. Moksh is not the salvation that one experiences after death. It’s not something to be cherished after death. It’s not freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It’s something that one must experience throughout one’s life. What’s the meaning of Moksh according to the tradition of Bewitched Cauldron? I have chosen two lines from Manas to study about moksh. If you are not new to Bewitched Cauldron, you are well aware that we Wiccans and Witches at bewitched cauldron have been studying Manas for almost 10 years. 

धरम ते बिरति जोग ते ग्याना। 

ग्यान मोच्छप्रद बेद बखाना।। 

तथा  मोच्छसुख सुनु खगराई। 

रह न सकइ हरि भगति बिहाई।। 


Translation : “Detachment (freedom) results from the practice of virtue, while spiritual wisdom comes of the practice of Yoga (concentration of mind); and wisdom is the bestower of liberation: so declare the Vedas. even so, mark you, O king of the birds, the joy of final beatitude cannot stay apart from Devotion.”

These four lines have got more meaning to them that’s why we have been studying these lines for more than a month. The simple translation of it does not justify the true meaning of these lines. If you are interested in coven studies, you may contact me. 

Continuous Practice of “Dharm” makes us experience “birti” Dispassion, Detachment. I have never been in favour of man-made religious organizations run by corporate, managed by political minds, seeking benefits and profits. There is only one absolute truth, that I believe in. Once Osho had said that he was against religion because he is in favour of one true absolute religion. 

Goswami Tulsidas in Manas says,

धरम न दूसरा सत्य समाना 

आगम निगम पुरान बखाना।। 

There is no religion other than one absolute truth, that’s what all ancient scriptures have explained. I believe, there is one absolute truth within all of us. One can experience the truth within when One is free from the pendulums of the world. Wiccans believe in accepting diversity and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. External pendulums of the world take one away from one’s individuality. Train one’s mind to accept their truth. 

It’s the journey of going within and experiencing the absolute truth of one’s existence, to dive into the treasures of one’s core. This is possible when one isolates oneself. Believe me, Isolation is a luxury in today’s world. Wiccans have always appreciated the solitude and non-participation in the shenanigans of the world. To be honest, Let me say this, the Human race bewilders me. Their fears and insecurities have made them demonic personalities. Especially after coming here to Canada, I don’t see life. I see a rat race. To be a Wiccan is to experience the bliss within. When one transforms into a Wiccan being, one loses interest in the competition of this rat race. These competitions will only satisfy fragile egos and give back nothing. The Wiccan way of living is being immersed in the bliss of higher dimensions. One cannot experience the higher states if one has not become detached from the loops of this world. This process is called reality transurfing.  

I could never develop any interest in the worldly circus for I have always experienced a sense of bliss while experiencing the wildness, perhaps the sinister being within me. I wonder if that was the reason why all the ancient witches stayed away from society. One cannot live freely if one is bound to live in a certain way. One cannot experience the Wiccan magick if one is continuing to be part of the loop that we often see in the “wheel of fortune card” of tarot. As I always say, Wiccans are superior breeds. A very close friend of mine, Who is a beautiful Witch from Australia would often tell me that We witches are the wolves among the Dogs. It reminds me of two lines from Manas. 

बिसई साधक सिद्ध सयाने। 

त्रिबिध जीव जग बेद बखाने।। 

According to the Vedas, there are three types of embodied souls (human beings) in the world-the sensual, the seeker and the wise who have attained perfection.

In my understanding of these lines, There are three states of mind that one can experience as well as there are three types of beings, visheyi (the ones who are lost in the loops of the wheel of fortune), the sadhaks (those who have come out of the loops and are practising to experience the otherworldy bliss, the sidhs, Those who have reached a point from where returning to be visheyi is impossible. 

The seekers may experience the state of “ Sidh” while practising their magick in whatever form they have received as a gift. 

It’s the knowledge of absolute truth that makes one realize the value of everything that one experiences in one’s life. I have met quite a few seekers in my life. It’s a blessing to be part of their lives. 

One has to learn to see beyond the illusion of these pendulums to be free from eternal oscillations. The stronger the hold because of fear and insecurities, the more difficult it becomes to realize the world beyond the illusion. 

I often dream of living in a cottage in the hills, away from the chaos and celebrating my existence. I see myself living a life where I have enough time to make a special cup of tea after brewing it for almost an hour. I see myself growing plants as per the ancient Celtic seasons and watching them grow. I see myself writing another book for the seekers at Bewitched Cauldron. I see myself not rushing to wake up and go to work but rather allowing myself to sleep a little. I see myself giving meaning to my life every day. I have lived this reality in past, and mark my words, I shall return to this reality once again. More than me, the conscious entities have been waiting for my return. With the coming of this session topic, “Moksh”, I have already started to feel the presence of the ancient beings around me. 

It’s the effect of the collective consciousness here in Canada that one might feel the very strong energy of a pendulum. According to Vadim Zealand, an author of the book “Reality Transurfing”, A pendulum is created by the energy of a group of people thinking in the same manner in the lower realms. Let me tell you, There are no pendulums in the higher states of mind or the realms. One might experience a sense of freedom in the bewitched cauldron. Socrates always questioned his disciples because he knew that one cannot come to the point of realization if one is not free from their pendulums.  In the tradition of Bewitched Cauldron, Moksh is to be a seeker, free from the oscillations of the worldly pendulums. Moksh is giving meaning to one’s living. 

It’s the time of yule, it’s the time to sit back and watch the transforming patterns of universal energies. It’s time to brew some herbs and make soups. It’s time to listen to Kalavati Raag. It’s time to allow oneself to sleep a little more. It’s time to withdraw oneself from the circus of the world. It’s time to realize one’s inner gifts. It’s time to take out your ancient pagan stones and place them on the black altar cloth along with the petals of fresh roses. It’s time when the sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. It’s the time when we enter the phase of pentacles. The page of pentacles of tarot teaches us to appreciate what is most important to us. It teaches us to slow down and observe. It teaches us to see beyond the illusion. 

I wish you, the reader, the seeker, blessed yule. May your sojourn be a blissful one. 

  • Witched Felis. 

Admissions for Tarot and Wiccan classes are open at bewitched Cauldron, Please send us an email if you are willing to be part of Bewitched Cauldron. 


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

3 thoughts on “Beyond the illusion

  1. This is the most beautiful and Serene article i have ever read. I feel myself in some other place whenever i read your articles, jadu se kam nahi hai ye, sach me……. Four things i have relearn from this article

    1. living is being immersed in the bliss of higher dimensions- coming out of loop( the rat race of the world)- reality transurfing- wheel of fortune card, coming out of the wheel like sphinx.

    2. 3 types of beings veshai, sadhak, siddh- manas class, Veshai-below temprance card, sadhak- temprance path, sidh(beholds birati+vivek+vinay+vigyan+bodh)- above temprance

    3. Moksh- libration before birth

    4. one cannot come to the point of realization if one is not free from their pendulums – coming out of monotonus life, changing the patterns of life- balancing heart and mind- wheel of fortune & temprance

  2. As wiccan and seeker of Bewitched cauldron, I have been privileged with the blessing of unconscious beings manifesting its energies throughout the past ten years of my life. As I go through the article written by our supreme, it’s hard to express in words about the mysticism of Manas (written by Goswami Tulsidas) influence over my entire life. I am blessed with the wiccan eyesight and every stage of my learning is completely controlled by the mystical views given by the Bewitched cauldron. This dimension has bought me to consider the eternal knowledge, bliss, and freedom (Moksh) in every form. The worldly patterns and race bring in attachment, egos and humanly creation of own event to satisfy self which is completely deviated from living the path of isolated truth of universe. I am aware of mundane lifestyle and its activities but the essence of Raags, Chaupaii and hidden mysticism of the universe has always helped me to escape to the dimension for knowing the ultimate truth of the universe.
    It is a blessing to possess a soul who could understand the details of the article and being the part of this ancient ritual of knowing self!

  3. This is a kind of read that cannot be swallowed but has has to be chewed upon!
    I ruminated on each thought and each truth and needless to say the experience connected with the ME that must exist somewhere deep within.
    For the wandering seekers like me, this is where we find home!
    I have been comforted by the warmth of the Cauldron ever since I was embraced by it. Request Puneet to write more often to bless us readers with true knowledge…

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