Good Health Spell

Good Health Spell is performed by Puneet every Monday and Saturday. Good Health spell is performed for those who have been feeling sick and are unable to get well. Through this spell, We send healing energies to the person who is in need. It’s an ancient way of healing. Puneet is gifted healer and a natural witch. Along with the healing spell we also provide you with ancient remedies and potion recipes to speed up the recovery. Please note: This spell is not an alternative option for medicine or surgery. It’s to speed up the recovery. Once you have made donation, we will ask for the person’s name and date of birth. In some cases we may also ask person’s picture to use in spell. The mode of Communication will be email. If the person is willing to see the Spell We can set up a video session over zoom or microsoft teams.



Protection Spell

Do you feel the presence of some negative energies around you? Do you feel someone has hexed you? Do you feel that you need a strong energy protection? Puneet’s Protection spell will help you to be free from unwanted energies around you. This spell creates an energy protection around the person. Along with this protection spell, We will provide you with powerful remedies and potion recipes to help you feel protected. Please note, If it is a paranormal case you will have to book an appointment with Puneet. Puneet’s a published author. He has worked on numerous paranormal cases. Once you have sent us the donation, you will have to provide us the picture and the name of the person who needs protection spell. If you are willing to talk to Puneet before sending us the donation please send an email at puneet@witchedfelis.com