Endless – 5

“There are some silent stories that have never been discussed or observed by the people around the characters of these stories. There are some stories that require no words or language. These are the silent stories of other worlds yet being manifested in this physical realm. The characters of such stories play their roles silently, talk using no words, express their feeling without any actions and observe the patterns of life in the light of day without participating. Words are part of the chaotic worlds but for the entities living in the higher triads, communication requires no words. These silent stories have no conclusions and no beginnings; only the characters are aware of the fact that there is a connection, there is a bond, and there is a mutual sacred space where they exchange the wine of their cups. The words create chaos and confusions and ultimately there will be an end or a conclusion. Even when the characters meet, they are in disguise for the world to keep their story secret. They do not reveal the chapters of their story. You, my love, are the part of such story. I am the hermit and I have known you forever, I have known you more than any God or Devil have ever known you. I have felt the strength of Lilith within you, I have felt the courage of Isis in you and I am aware of your powers. I am within you, the voice that has always been around you when you were playing different roles and games. We are not two, we are one and we are the different forms of one being. The one for whom we both have been sitting here in this beautiful realm is the other character of the same story. He has seen all the forms of mine, He has talked to all of us using no words and this story is not just the chapter of this life, but the part of an endless flow, This story is not destined but is being created every day. You and I, with all other forms will create the beautiful chapters; for we all are aware of his divinity. Though his body is trapped in this world and He has forgotten the ways of aligning himself with the heavens of his true self, but our strong determination and the magick will bring him back, do not forget who you are, you are the Queen of Tiphareth, the sacred heart and I am the flame of serpent. I protect the womb with the fierce strength.”

Sitting in the beautiful, old café, I have been sharing these mystical secrets of Wicca with her. I was aware that she wanted to tell me her story which I already knew.


“Do you remember the phase of Aquarius, the previous year?”, I asked.

“I might not have been active in that phase but I am aware of what was happening in this physical realm”, she said.

“We were learning about the mystical secrets of magician and hermit in the first phase of Aquarius and about ace of pentacles in the second phase”, That was the time when you were tricked by the devil and his creature, perhaps that’s the reason you are not aware of the experiences. Even when your mind was following the devil, you heart, the sacred self of yours was aware of him. That’s the reason when He would show up at night when you were holding the hands of devil. I am aware you have always liked the ways of Devil more than the God’s plan, You have understood both of them very well, I am also aware of your cunning nature and you as a traitor. You have never accepted the offer of God and Devil.  But he is not from the Kingdom of God and Devil. He is an ancient Soul, before all the Gods were born. Listen not to the teachings of these black magicians and the chaotic world and you shall find strength within.” I said.

From the Author: I am aware that this series of “Endless” is a slow process if we compare it with the time speed that the world is experiencing, but I say no tales of lie,  the magickal world does not fit in any time frame. This story has no end because it’s written perhaps created every moment. Be with me, I shall show you the world that you may have never seen. We are in 2021 according to the Calendar and Bewitched Cauldron is preparing for the Imbolc remembering all the cycles of past; for it’s not a linear passage of time but a spiral flow of eternity. It’s the Aquarian rain that prepares the land and the mind for spring.

-Witched Felis


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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