Days before Yule

Did you notice the transforming light? It’s transforming from the yellow and Golden tints into the sparking silver. Today,In the morning, while enjoying my morning ginger tea , I was wondering, If the world, Ofcourse the world outside of Bewitched cauldron is aware of the importance of Ritual? It’s a Ritual, to prepare a nice cuppa tea, bring it outside in the Garden, Pour it into a cup and let it absorb the energies of quartz, the sounds of birds and the fragrance of flowers. You let it settle down while you settle your mind. It requires patience, compassion and love for nature. The chaos in the world outside of Cauldron is the reflection of collective energies of human mind.

It’s a celebration everyday at Bewitched Cauldron. We are celebrating the days before yule. There is a lot of Kitchen magick going on here at Bewitched Cauldron.

It’s a bowl of Vegetable rice and If you are wondering about its recipe, There isn’t any. It’s something that I cooked intuitively. I do not follow a recipe and If ever I follow I would not like to eat that food. It’s because I like to try exciting new things not just putting ingredients in exact amount, We are not doing experiments in lab. We are preparing food for the body. Witches would never do that. Every time we cook in the Cauldron, we create magick.

In ancient celtic traditions, In this time of year, Witches would prepare some delicious soups using the fresh vegetables available in the Garden. Again, There isn’t any recipe. I often Laugh if someone asks me a recipe, It’s simply because I forget everything after cooking it.

We are exploring the Card “Ace of Pentacles”. It’s the Root power of Earth element. It brings us back to our home, the place (physically existing and Abstract) where we find ourselves. The Aces are the part of the Crown. The Ace of Pentacles is the opening of many doors of existence. We experience abundance within. That’s the reason why I brought a new plant with Golden and red leaves. I wanted to bring in more colours.

Today in the Morning, I could smell the fragrance of winters. Every season has its own fragrance, This fragrance is not because of any Plant or surroundings, It‘s the fragrance of the breeze. It’s the breeze of Himalayas that swirls here in the North of India.

Last Night I was discussing with the member of Cauldron that One can find peace only in Bewitched Cauldron. Ofcourse the peace is within, but To remind ourselves of “that” Peace, We need a space. Bewitched Cauldron is the sacred space where on finds the Peace of within. In this Chaotic world and the Nonsense going on all around, Bewitched Cauldron Shows one path to come out of this Manmade matrix where one can never find peace.

I choose not to be the part of this worldly chaos, I choose not be fooled by the religion, I choose not to be fooled by the media, politics and the Worldly nonsense, For I am a Witch, An ancient Soul. The Path is tough, It’s steep, But I have the satisfaction of being true to existence. And I know the God and Devil, Both are happy with my Ways of Living. It’s not just the Living as “Puneet”, I have lived many lives as Witched Felis! . The Untamed and Feral Yogini.

Here are some Pictures of transforming light and the Plants from the Garden.

Blessings to you all.

The Light transforming
The Fading of Yellow tints
Bright Sparkling Light.

Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

One thought on “Days before Yule

  1. I am very new to this
    And I am also very glad to experience such things we normal human can’t imagine even such things I also tried such recipes which I forgot after cooking 😂 those are my creations 🙈 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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