The Star

It was the year 2014, When I,Witched Felis, started this beautiful tradition , “Bewitched Cauldron”. The Wiccan tradition of Celebrating the existence, Exploring and sharing the ancient Wisdom, the Lesser known knowledge and many paths leading to the ultimate bliss. I feel proud and glad that even after many years, many twists and turns, I have kept this tradition alive. The Students and the Seekers are happily filling their cups with bliss.

Everyday in Bewitched Cauldron is a new celebration. In this Chaos of Disease and fear, we have been under the protection of this beautiful realm of Wiccan sessions.

A part of this tradition is that the students and the seekers, do research on a word that defines best the essence of the environment / energy of that particular time.

This time, We have been doing research on “Aanand”, which is described best by the Card “The Star” in Tarot.

In this Post, I am sharing with you few pictures from my garden.

“AANAND”(Bliss) in Many Forms.



Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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