Endless -3

“It’s now or never,

Come hold me tight

Kiss me my darling

Be mine tonight

Tomorrow will be too late,

It’s now or never

My love won’t wait…. “ (song lyrics)

The song by Elvis Presley was being played in the cafe where we had been sitting and were deeply involved in a very philosophical conversation.

I looked at the manager and smiled. I wondered for he still had the same playlist of songs saved in the computer,that he had created once for me when I was a regular customer there. He would often play it for me.

She turned her face towards me and then gazed at my tiger eye ring for a moment.

“That’s a beautiful tiger eye” , is it for the strength? she asked.

“The silver keeps me calm for it’s the metal of Diana, and this stone has been very close to my heart.I can sense great power in it, perhaps that could be the reason that it has caught your attention. “, I replied.

She smirked and tasted the brownies. She didn’t like the brownies.

“Isn’t this the time of the year when we witches reach to the threshold of endurance? We wait for the Lughnasadh ,we wait for the darkness to return so that We could be free from all these webs of God and Devil”. I asked her.

“Your body has seen few turns of the wheel, your mind has experienced only few cycles of the year but your soul is eternal, It’s ageless. Look through the soul’s eyes. To what we call the “Wisdom” and you shall find relief in all the seasons. The only truth is darkness, for the Light is temporary. Where there is nothing, there is Darkness. Light is dependent on the source, but not the darkness. It’s eternal. Find the darkness that exists within you and you will never expect anything from the creatures of light. “, she said.

The manager changed the song, It was

“ Are you lonesome tonight?” By Elvis Presley.

We had almost finished our coffee and brownies.

“That’s the my favourite part of the song”, I said and convinced her to listen to it. She wasn’t interested in romantic songs for she knew that this world understood nothing about love.

Lyrics of the song that was being played in the cafe –

You know someone said that the world’s a stage

And each must play a part.

Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart.

Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glance

You read your line so cleverly and never missed a cue.

Then came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strange

And why I’ll never know.

Honey, you lied when you said you loved me

And I had no cause to doubt you.

But I’d rather go on hearing your lies

Than go on living without you.

Now the stage is bare and I’m standing there

With emptiness all around

And if you won’t come back to me

Then make them bring the curtain down.

“Can love make someone feel so miserable?” I asked her.

“It’s the greed that makes one miserable, It’s the fear that makes one miserable”,she said.

I asked her about the person for whom she had been waiting perhaps we both had been waiting.

“Ask not about him, for he had been my destroyer,The one who ruled over my dreams.And couldn’t let me be free.He was the puppet of their God in disguise.

He would often play behind me,Pierce my aura with his eyes.He, along with his master made many efforts to create an illusion,

But deep within, I knew It was not real.

It was year 2014, The Mabon had just passed. The darkness had returned and I had had been successful in many tests.

It was then, when I came to this place for the first time , I saw him. “ she said.

to be continued..


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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