Endless -2

“What about those who had promised you to be with you, to be your support and gave you respect and love”, I asked her.

She looked at me ,smiled and got lost into the trance.

Without blinking her eyes, she spoke, “What good can ever be expected from those who never dared to speak truth? , who had no courage to be true to their own selves. They,who made a joke of themselves when they couldn’t prove themselves by not keeping their promises eternal, Care not for them, I have met many creatures like them who were attracted to the charm of Witchcraft. But Remember, they and their Gods can never offer any good to the witches like us, for we denied to be ruled by them, We chose our own path, we have always been rebellious. They have followed the path of their God,the path of betrayal and I knew this was supposed to come and that’s the reason I have never shared the Wiccan secrets to them.”

She looked at me,smiled and said, “Be careful, beware of such creatures. And I don’t need any support and there is no point of love, they know only lust.

“Will they suffer?”, I asked.

“Suffering is for those who struggle, suffering is for those who are embarked on an adventurous journey, suffering is for those who are rebellious, suffering is for the Witches like us, Not for them, they have their God to protect them and keep them in an illusion of happiness”, she said.

“Their lives seem so easy and beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked

She raised her brows, smirked and spoke, “beautiful? May be, But I see a meaningless drama , a circus perhaps. “She continued ,

“Yes very easy obviously , for they don’t have to choose a different path, they are following the patterns and paths of their God,their ancestors, then the society. you worship the God and you get whatever you wish for and then when he refuse to offer you , you give him more price, more prayers, more blood and sweat and promise him to be his slave forever and there you have what you wish for.”

God and Devil, they both work for each other to bring balance, but one cannot tell who is God and who is devil for their ways are same. “

“What about us?”, I asked.

“We..We are the Creatures of Darkness, the Unknown power of universe, beyond the traps of God and Devil;Who is darkest among all the dark,unknown among all the knowns, the one who made Lilith rebellious and gave her enough strength to deny the slavery of God and Devil.”, she spoke.

I asked if she would like to have some brownies along with the coffee. I told her that the menu of that cafe had been same for many years. She said no word and smiled. I asked the manager who had to do the duty of a waiter as well, to give us some brownies.

She turned and looked towards the entrance as if she was waiting for someone to come. The brownies had been served, the waiter asked me if I wanted some chocolate syrup on them. I refused.

“Are you waiting for him”, I asked her. She looked at me and said no word for few seconds.

“Aren’t we both waiting for him? “, she said.

to be continued…


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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