The Endless -1

Arena :

In this modern life of gadgets and internet I had completely forgotten to use my psychic abilities to predict the weather and later when the Internet’s predictions were proven wrong by the weather , I had to inform my mind to be more dependent on what I had within than to be fooled by the mechanical ways of predicting weathers. I wasn’t really content with the temperature and humidity, I was expecting rains, ofcourse those expectations were given more hopes by the Internet, but The warm sun emanated intense light and heat that day.

I ran into a coffee shop, a cafe not very popular in that area , people visited just to indulge themselves into cue sports, though no one liked the kind of coffee they served,yet people (the regular ones) visited every day . I was attracted to the ambience of that place, the old fashioned coffee place to sit and relax. The brown curtains, not very clean, the cobwebs in the corners, the round wooden tables and beautiful chairs around them created beautiful atmosphere of an Old coffee house. One could smell the fragrance of coffee as one entered into the coffee shop. The shop received very little natural light, so it used to be a dark place, perhaps that could be the reason of it being a favourite place for many entities like me to relax. I would often read tarot there.

As I entered, after almost a year, I noticed that there were few changes made . It was the year 2019, The tables were changed, the chairs were different, there were more colours on the walls. As I sat all alone in that coffee house, I saw that the manager was the same person, He had been working there for many years. He looked at me and waved his hand. We knew each other very well. I remember the day when he saw me for the first time reading tarot cards. He was quite amazed but never spoke much about it. And then after many years, When he saw me again sitting on the same chair, He came to me and asked if I could read for him as well. I read the cards for him. His mother was not well, But I could see a quick recovery in the cards. After the reading he went back to the kitchen to make some classic espresso for me.

As I was about to wrap my cards , I saw her in front of me. She asked if I could talk to her or just listen to her story. I knew her very well but she knew very little about me for she never wanted to know more about me. I asked her to sit and relax her mind so that the cards could connect with her .

But she didn’t want a tarot reading but only a listener who could help her to understand the mystery. She looked very thin and pale. The coffee house had become her favourite place for it was the same place where it had all started.

I knew very well that this wasn’t the case of Love or relationships, it was something beyond all this. It was her soul speaking in higher realms.

My coffee had been served. I asked for an extra cup so that I could share some coffee with her . She didn’t seem interested in anything except the snooker table behind my chair. She kept looking at it for almost 30 minutes. I didn’t disturb her. It gave her happiness, she said.

I knew her story for I had been a spectator of all that she had been through.

But I knew, She was a wise Witch and she needed no help for she knew the beings of this realms had nothing that could help her.

I knew how strongly she believed in the mysticism . She believed in the power of universe and she knew that the universe would , one day show some light. “It was the year 2014, when it all had started”,she said.

They say soul is free from all the frames of time and this universe is an endless space and in this endless place two souls or perhaps one turned into two are bound to come into existence of physical realms within a same time frame, Is it the will of the souls or the existence? Could there be any role of God in such happenings? Perhaps not.

To be continued….


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

3 thoughts on “The Endless -1

  1. Even I used to come to the same cafe to play snooker . it’s been a long time I didn’t visted that cafe , I’m curious to know, how it looks now, when I saw you guys first time I wonder about you guys , what you do? , but never asked , you all look like a mystery to me. but I hope you are doing great ⭐💫

    1. Thank you so much for your words. We all, who have been the part of that cafe, would spend a lot of time there. I have come to Canada, It’s been a year, I often wonder how that cafe looks like now. It was like a portal for us to many dimensions.

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