Temperance and the Nature spirits.

The Old Witch once told me that she was badly hurt and then she created a Garden and then she was healed. She told she was betrayed. I loved the way she accepted and strangely, I couldn’t find any expression on her face of sadness or depression. That’s because she was beautifully healed, transformed into a very beautiful, positive and serene creature.

I strongly believe in the earth magick and the power of nature spirits.

They fill you with power and energy, make you see beyond the illusion and transforms you into a beautiful being.

Every year, At this time of year I grow plants as the Sacred Ritual of connecting with the earth energies. And when I do that, I connect with my heart centre.

We honour and love nature and in return it makes us aware of our powers.

It heals you.

The ancient pagans would make a pool out of sacred mud and water, be in it and mediate to heal their skin diseases.

The earth has the power of resurrection. It makes you feel alive. But one cannot exploits its power and magick, For it has its own personality. It has its own consciousness. The Nature spirits be the watchtowers.

One must know how to create magick and listen to the nature spirits.

Sometimes the universe breaks us to transform us. We have to go through the “Tower”(Tarot card, Major Aracana), so that we come out of illusion, we come out of false authorities. We often create false Gods in our mind. Universe shatters all our hopes, all our dreams and all our expectations to bring down all those False Gods in our mind.

We get a new perspective and then realise how unintentionally we were trapped by the illusion. It’s not that easy.

But what comes out of you is what makes the difference. Do you enter into more of the illusion or something comes out through you out of love.

Because only the love/devotion is real, as the ancient pagans say.

Goswami Tulsidas in Raam charit Manas has written,

Shiva Says,

uma kahu main anubhav apna|

Sat hari bhajan jagat sab sapna ||

Uma, the Goddess, I express my experience with you, Only the devotion is real rest everything is a dream.

That also opens into a question , do we create a beautiful dream or a nightmare..?

Witches are very sensitive to energies. We talk in terms of energy, our thoughts are creative and beyond the human perceptions. That’s because we feel higher dimensions more real than the things and the situation visible to everybody else over here.

Hence we prefer to stay alone. Loners at heart. That’s how we are and that’s the fact.

Once we are connected with our heart centre,we are stable and become aware of illusion. It takes a lot of “Defence magick” and I must say, Most of our spells are for the defence magick. Could it be the rising of ignorance in the world?

All we have to do is find our heart centre and be devoted to it, repeat it and continue it. There will be transformations.

That reminds me of “The Sacred Heart of love and compassion “. Three of Swords, But that’s another topic, a branch of the same tree.

When we plant the trees we welcome biodiversity, It welcomes the nature spirits, and the nature spirits bring abundance.

It was New moon in Gemini, day before yesterday. With the sun in Gemini, It makes it stronger. The earth is healing itself, with that I believe the whole world will be healed soon.

I believe by now majority of population living with earth (I don’t choose to say “living on earth”) must have realised the nature’s power and this ,I believe, will encourage them to be kind enough to respect, honour and love mother earth atleast for their own well being and their Progeny.



Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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