The Witch and the Hermit

We are training our mind to be in the higher realms, to be one with the higher frequencies by certain spiritual practices, actively choosing to be the part of “Higher Consciousness” or we can also call it as “Divine Consciousness “, whereas this body being trained to the animal consciousness remains the same, as the evolution is a slower process at physical levels. The body, being the home for Ego( which must not be labelled as “Good”or “Bad” ) it chooses not to evolve as it’s afraid of change, at certain levels we all are.

But certain spiritual practices can train the mind to choose to be at higher realms.

And It’s a continuous process, like I Used to tell my old Students that, spiritual awakening and spiritual awareness are closely related to one another, One follows the other. It has to be, that’s what the card in tarot, “Ace of cups”, represents.

It happens Till you reach a highly stable consciousness at angelic levels. But before that, we go through many spiritual awakenings and it requires continuous efforts of mind to be looking and trying to crawl upto higher dimensions.

At Lower realms, there is pain because of ignorance, fears and insecurities, but at higher realms we are free, because we are more realised at those levels. It stays for ever, it’s ruled by the “Wheel of fortune”, It stays as the part of this body’s journey.

The hermit, is the करनधार (Pilot) of this body and Mind, It’s also the guiding light for us to choose the more beautiful realms.

Ofcourse for those who have never experienced spiritual awakening, It could be an illusion or a mind game for they have never experienced it (The fool ,Upside down) ,but for those who have gone through many spiritual awakenings, are aware that there are better worlds. They can see better, hence they talk at energy levels but not at physical levels for they know that how the “happenings “ are actually being engineered at the background.

It’s like creating an algorithm and understanding its functioning, through divination or astrology, we become aware of the mysteries, the patterns of all these happenings.

But I wonder, how long does it take for the body to transform completely,but every moment it evolves, We can choose either to evolve into more realised beings or Animal beings.

~Witched Felis


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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