Green Witchery

Wicca , for me, has always been a nature based philosophy, perhaps a perspective that aligns the soul with cycles of nature, It is an inanimate, conscious entity that has taught me to love and visualise the forces behind the strange manifestation of nature. It has revealed to me the secrets to be in the realms of other worlds. I choose to call this entity, the guiding darkness and the strange phenomenon perhaps a tradition,”Bewitched Cauldron”. Although I have always lived in the northern part of India but, Celtic Tradition and the Celtic ways have always fascinated me, I wonder If I have learned about those secrets in my previous lives?

Here in North of India, we experience all the seasons. There are not just four season according the celtic traditions, We believe in the wheel of cycle and the days of power. We believe in the spiral of rebirth. We experience , the death of the God and the rise of Goddess at the time of Lugnasadh. We witness how the light transforms after the yule when the God comes back and the Goddess rests. I often advise my Wiccan students to align themselves with the Transforming light so that they are able to notice the ways of darkness manifesting itself.

To be a Witch is to be a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a seer, and a lover. It’s not a path of sitting in one room, brewing potions, lighting candles, meditating and being in comfort.

It’s the path of following the inner darkness, to create and to sow the seeds.

If this path is yours, may you walk it with honor  light and integrity. It’s the nature that heals us, It’s the supreme intelligence of nature that transforms our perspective and makes us aware of our true identity. Ever planted a tree? Do it and see how it transforms every day. Not only one witnesses magick but also one learns the mysticism, the true philosophy of Celtic traditions.

It doesn’t come by just reading books or watching documentaries, It comes by practically visualising the strangeness. True magick is not imaginary, It is to be experienced with all our senses. The Human race, I do not hesitate to say, the global power, the industry, has become enemy of nature to fulfil the endless greed. We witches of Bewitched cauldron believe in “creating” rather than removing or banishing. I have learned that It’s a waste of energy and time deal with “the unwanted”. The only solution is to plant, plant and plant every single day.

It’s the responsibility of every witch to work with nature, heal the Land with the powers we have, with the intelligence we are blessed with and the resources we have.

It’s one of the missions of Bewitched Cauldron to promote gardening and permaculture. We witches at Bewitched cauldron, study the ancient ways of working with land, exploring the magick in trees, communicating with birds and animals and to be one with the natural cycle of seasons and the light.

Blessings to you all.



Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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