One can enjoy this life if one is free, the freedom in the thoughts , freedom of perpetuating the true colours of one’s being, freedom in creativity, freedom in choices and freedom in choosing the future over past. It’s the attachment of past that transforms into guilt, fear and anxiety. Can one be free from the actions of pasts? Can one be free from the guilt? Can one overcome the fear that has always been the part of one’s life?

It’s only the fear that’s been used by all the true black magicians. I choose to call the members of global power black magicians.

It’s the fear, the only one powerful tool is the to sell and convince one to be the slave and we are becoming one. They say animal consciousness worried about security and the human consciousness worries about feeding the fears. We choose not to overcome the fear, we choose to feed the fear by following it.

It’s Darkness that allows one to be free from such fears.It’s the darkness that allows one to embrace the individuality. It’s the fear that makes one slave. Most of our choices are based on the deeply rooted fear. You would choose a rich partner over a beautiful one,because of the fear. You would never accept your own feelings for someone because of the fear of being rejected. You would regularly check your phone because of the fear of being ignored or being called the arrogant one.

It’s the fear that dominates our lives, our actions, our beliefs and our choices. Aren’t we all trying to fit into a little world the “Ideals” . Have you ever observed the Gods in Man made religion? Aren’t they the most perfect one’s ? What about those who are born different? Do they not fit in the perfect world of Religion? Why is there always a fight among the good and evil? Why the good or the ideal ones are always the winners in the stories? What about those who choose not to be the part of any Duality?

Why are we trained to believe in duality? Why do we categorise every single action and thought into good and evil? Is it only the duality , the ultimate truth?

It’s the darkness, the unknown and uncertain entity, beyond the world of perfect ones and ideal imperfect ones.

It’s beyond the reach of light and the shadows. It’s the pure liberation. It’s complete in itself and it’s the “nothingness” .

The scientists says that the dark matter is studied by studying its effects on other celestial bodies for it cannot be studied in its true form. We witches do not forget our essence in all our lives hence our minds are free from all the trainings. We cannot be trained by the black magicians, the religion, the political powers and the other forces deciding the ways of living for us.

I laugh at those Godmen, teaching the correct ways of breathing, eating, living, choosing and giving hopes of enlightenment.

We all are born enlightened, It’s the training of this world that we forget our enlightened being.

Haven’t we lost the ability to trust ourselves? Haven’t we lost the ability to be adventurous and explore and experience than to believe in majority?Aren’t we so afraid of any little change? The change in the partner’s mood? The change in the ways of how the world run ?

I believe being aware of our own true desires and existence can help us to use the powers of creating happiness, love, peace, and realising the “unwanted”.

Observance is the best way of becoming more
aware of the patterns and intentions in a situation.

Blessed be.


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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