Spirits in a Hospital


Spirit is one of the five elements of magick, fire, water, earth,air and spirit.Wiccans believe that, fire transforms us, water shapes us, air moves us, earth heals us and spirit guide us.

For those who do not  believe in the existence of spirits, it is just a superstition for them , because spirits can’t be seen or touched, they can only be felt. Their energies are manifested which are in the forms of psychic attacks (in case of negative spirits) or Blessings and healings.
Spirits try to express their existence wherever they are present so that someone with a sensitive mind can help them to become aware of their state and allow them to see the  path to  continue the cycles or attain nirvana (salvation). we choose to call this process “choosing the light” or the “cross over ceremony”
    This happened in a hospital in a small town of Punjab.  The staff of the hospital had been experiencing unusual activities. I was invited by the Director of the hospital to investigate and check if there was any presence of mischievous entity . Being a Wiccan  and a Natural Witch, I feel I have a strong connection with the spirit world for I can see and feel what other might not.I can communicate with the  spirit if they are willing to be know. Spirits are the souls of human beings which are wandering in the dimension among us, perhaps because of their undone tasks of life or any unfulfilled desire which held them back here in this dimension. Being a Clairvoyant, I have the clear vision of seeing the unknown, which can’t be seen with opened eyes. I wonder If I had learned these arts in my previous lives.I have had many experiences that urged me to believe the life after death.
As I reached there (hospital), I asked the hospital staff about the unusual happenings in the hospital. Some said, they felt as if someone was walking behind them at night, and when they would turn back to see, they could not  find any one. Some said they heard the voices of foot steps of someone. Some said that, the doors of bathrooms would get locked, and open automatically. They all were afraid and excited too  as they were witnessing a paranormal investigation for the first time.
 I walked along the boundary of the hospital, and felt the presence of multiple entities , I could sadness and fear, I was sure by then, that there were more than one spirits, I felt as if  the hospital was made on a graveyard. After enquiring, I came to know that It was built on a graveyard.
I asked them to bring some ritual essentials so that I could bring in some fresh energies to the hospital, I conducted Spirit release Ritual, and helped the spirits to reach where they were supposed to be.
I have my own ways of dealing with the spirits for I have been the part of their world and have learned to predict their moods and moves.
I have seen people using violent and barbaric rituals in exorcism. They become very aggressive during the spirit release rituals or exorcism. I wonder if they are aware of the natural patterns of spirit world.
 I believe that, during the exorcism we must be silent and peaceful so that we can concentrate more and try to match the frequency of the entity to understand the  feelings and the desires of  spirit. I believe that the wiccan ways of dealing with spirits were taught to witches by Shamans, the ancients. For a  person dealing with spirits ,anger can lead to some serious consequences.
According to the ancient scriptures, “atman” is the spiritual essence of creation. Polynesians and the Jains have a similar idea but use the terms mana or jiva respectively, meaning that which animates all life, or the life principle.
It’s the Spirit that stays, transforms and returns back.
  Blessed be.
              Spiritual Healer Puneet

Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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