The Uncertainty

Where is the strength that we often flaunt about? The Fragile ego just a small drop of tear?

Not able to take revenge has become forgiveness , Do we really Forgive them?

Could ever forgiveness bring Justice?

Have you ever wondered that the Organised world has kept you away from your Own Powers?

You were made Soft to be ruled.

Pampered and Praised for doing nothing but to fulfil their desires?

Where is the final Enlightenment of yours you expect to come after a righteous act has been committed ?

The Thought beyond the walls of “Male” and “Female”, “Good” and “Evil ” has faded.

Then I look into the skies and the stars beautifully blended with the darkness.

In the search of completeness and perfection, One has forgotten to appreciate and accept the diversity.

As I always say, “True beauty comes with little tint of darkness”.

One has become a slave to the desires of men and women. A puppet of the strong one.

I often wonder, who has brought the word “selfish” to the list of Sins?

We suffer because we choose to suffer, We cry the tears of pain to mourn over our dead Courage.

~Witched Felis


Author, Wiccan, Witch Spiritual Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant.

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